Butler Medal

The Butler Medal

The Butler Award is made in memory of Sir Edwin J. Butler who was born in Kilkee in 1874 and who was one of Ireland’s premier plant pathologists. The Butler medal is awarded to those candidates who have made significant advancements to the field of plant pathology on the island of Ireland.

The award is presented upon nomination of a suitable candidate.

Past recipients include:

2009  B.M. Cooke, University College Dublin
2004  L.J. Dowley, Teagasc Oak Park
1994  P.C. Cunningham, Teagasc Oak Park
1988  P.M.A. Bourke, Met Eireann
1985  R.B. Copeland, Queen’s University Belfast and DANI(Department of Agriculture Northern Ireland)
1982  M.D. Coffey, Trinity College Dublin